Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is the second of only 5 paintings called “Familia de Turistas'

note;  La familia de turistas will be a series of only 5 paintings each one represents a well known tourist viewpoint on the island similar to a postcard image the idea was from some photographs I was once shown of a family's holidays. Each photograph had members of the family shown in front of a fantastic landscape so that it was impossible to see exactly what the view was, even though they tried to explain hoe fantastic it was. Also during this time was a running dialogue from all members who compained about their looks, fashion sense (bad), hair, spots etc. so I intend to place cut-out characters ie. Family members infront of  these paintings plus a spoken dialogue of all the things tourists might say whilst on vacation.  The difference being that you will be able to view the FANTASTIC view.

Price : ???? Euro

Size: 200 x 300 cm

Material : Acrylic on canvas